It's Getting Watery In Here

Is Your Sewer Line Broken? Here Are Telltale Signs

Although sewer lines are installed underground, keeping them in good condition is crucial. Remember that they help carry away wastewater, improving sanitation in your home. Therefore, you should act fast and repair or replace the pipes whenever the line breaks. This way, you will avoid sewage backup, foundation damage, health risks, and odors that may occur once the raw sewage gets to the surface. 

However, spotting plumbing issues that are taking place underground isn't easy. So, you need to know the signs to look out for in advance to tell if the sewer line is broken. Some of these signs are shared below. 

Wastewater Drains Slower Than Usual

If the water from one plumbing fixture drains slowly, you have a minor clog that can be resolved using a plunger. However, if the slow drain affects all fixtures, you could have a major sewer line issue. This issue can result from a massive blockage in the drains. In that case, your plumber will use cameras to inspect the lines. That way, they can identify the clog or cause of the slow drain problem. Then, they'll determine the best technique to eliminate the blockage. For example, they can use hydro jetting or replace the pipes.

Unusual Odors

When a sewer line is broken, it might produce an awful smell. Keep in mind that a functional drainage system shouldn't produce any odors. Unfamiliar smells indicate that the drain system is producing toxic sewer gas. Since these gases are detrimental to human health, it's best to consult a plumbing expert immediately after noticing a sewage odor.

Sudden Presence of Bugs or Rodents

The presence of critters and crawlers in a home is dreadful. These rodents and bugs cause significant damage and are creepy. A sudden upsurge of these pests could mean that the sewer line is faulty since most of them inhabit the sewers. So once the lines become faulty, the pests find a way to get into the house. Besides that, some pests make the drain line a breeding ground because of the stagnant water. Therefore, an unexplained increase in pest population in your home calls for the attention of a plumbing expert. 

You should consult a plumbing technician immediately when you experience any of the above issues. They'll identify the drain line faults and repair or replace them before you face major structural problems or property damage. Remember that waiting too long exposes your family to health hazards from wastewater leaks and pests.

To learn more about sewer replacement services, contact a local plumber.