It's Getting Watery In Here

Why You Should Always Get A Drain Cleaning In Your New Home

When moving into a new home or apartment, there are many different problems and chores that will be on your plate, and it is easy to forget some of the more obscure ones. However, it is still important to, at some point, make sure that you organize a sewer cleaning of the pipes leading out of your new home, even if you think the water drains fine as it is. There can be many hidden issues just lurking beneath the surface that a good drain cleaning will discover and remove before it has time to ruin your mood in the future.

Identify Serious Issues

While not the main purpose of sewer cleaning, when you get a specialist plumber in to clean your drains they can also spot serious issues that are developing in your pipes like cracking and leaks. This happens because they use very strong cleaning agents that will dislodge anything that is not structurally sound, and that can reveal problems that are hiding just beneath the surface. However, this is a good thing because you can get on top of these problems before they catch you off-guard and cost you even more money to fix, as well as leaving you without proper drainage for days on end. 

Remove The Previous Tenant's Build-Up Of Soap Scum And Bacteria

It is never nice to think about the fact that many previous owners have probably lived in the house you now call home, and to give yourself the best fresh start possible, you should try to remove all aspects of their presence. Sewer cleaning can do this by getting rid of all of the leftover soap scum, bacteria, dead hairs, and other undesirable elements still sticking to the walls of your drains, waiting to create an even thicker blockage that will ruin your day. This also means you now have a definitive date for when these drains were last cleaned so you don't have to worry about it as time goes on.

Get Rid Of Strange Odors

If your new shower or bathroom has a strange smell, there is a good chance that it is emanating from the shower drains because of how open they are. If you want a very clean and fresh-smelling house then the best way to achieve this is to give everything a good cleaning, especially your drains. It won't feel truly like your 'home' until you have scrubbed out the last signs and smells of the previous owners, so don't live in their leftover filth—organize a drain cleaning and start a new life in your completely cleaned home.