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When It's Time To Call The Heating Contractor

Knowing when to call a heating contractor is crucial for maintaining a comfortable, safe, and healthy home. Ignoring heating issues can cause a wide range of possible problems, ranging from an uncomfortable home to the possibility of a fire. This article will discuss some situations that warrant reaching out to a heating contractor. 

Failure to Produce Heat

If your heating system fails to produce heat, then you should shut it off until you have it checked. Leaving it on will just raise your energy bills and put more wear on an already malfunctioning system. If it's very cold and after-hours, then you may want to consider calling the heating contractor out for an emergency service call. 

Uneven Heating

If your heating system usually does a good job of evenly heating the whole home and now the temperature feels spotty, then this could indicate there's a problem with the system. After checking to ensure the windows are all closed and the vents are all open, you'll want to call the heating contractor to find and fix the problem.

New Sounds

Your heating system will make sounds when it clicks on and as the air comes out of the vents. However, the sounds you hear from it should remain consistent. Any different sound means something needs to be repaired or corrected. Watch for any squeaks, clanks, bangs, or other sounds coming from the heating system, and call a contractor for assistance if you hear them. 

Strange Odors

Aside from the smell of hot dust that heaters put out when turned on for the first time in months, there should be no smells coming from the system. Musty smells can indicate mold, rotten smells can indicate a deceased rodent in a duct, and burning smells can indicate an electrical issue. All of these smells should be taken seriously, and the system should be turned off until you've had a heating contractor check things out. 

Bill Increase

Keep an eye on your heating bills because issues with the heating system can potentially raise your gas or electric bills, depending on what type of heating system you have. If you notice the bills going up, you should have the heating contractor check the system. Additionally, a lack of adequate insulation can raise heating bills. You could have damaged or old insulation that's making the heating system work harder. Keep in mind that heating contractors can also install insulation for you.

For more information, contact a heating contractor near you.