It's Getting Watery In Here

What to Do When Dirty Spots Occur on Clean Dishes

Do the dirty spots on your dishes concern you because you are sure that they have been thoroughly cleaned? If dirty spots appear on your dishes no matter how much you clean them, you are not likely dealing with dirt. The spots you are seeing might be the result of your water being hard, which will remain that way unless you invest in a water-softening system. Keep in mind that hard water is safe to use if you are not ready to get a softening system installed. However, this article explains why softening hard water is a wise decision that can benefit your home in the long run.

What Are the Dirty Spots Left Behind on Dishes?

The spots left behind on your clean dishes are not actually dirt, but they are still as unsightly as dirt. What you are seeing is the limescale that is left behind as the result of your water being hard. Limescale is a mixture of minerals in hard water, including minerals like calcium and magnesium. Due to the minerals not being dissolved by water, they combine together to create a white substance instead. If you look at your faucets, you might see a buildup of white limescale from hard water.

Why Should a Homeowner Soften Hard Water?

Hard water might be safe to consume and use for your other needs, but it should still be a big concern. The reason is that the minerals in the water can accumulate in large amounts, which can affect plumbing lines and damage appliances. For example, limescale can build up inside plumbing lines and eventually lead to low water pressure. If hard water accumulates inside the water heater, parts can become prematurely damaged and cause the water heater to malfunction. A water softening system can prevent such problems and save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Does a Water Softening System Do?

A water softening system treats water by getting rid of the minerals that are causing limescale. For example, calcium and magnesium will be removed from the water in your home by replacing them with other minerals. Sodium is one of the main minerals that is used to treat hard water via a water-softening system. Sodium pushes the minerals into a filter that can be changed or cleaned when it is necessary to do so. There is more than one method used for treating hard water, so speak to a water softener installation professional to learn more details.