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4 Indicators That It Is Time To Replace Your Sewer Lines

The first you are likely to think about when an expert tells you that it is time to replace your sewer line is how much the project will cost. You should know that a home's sewer line is durable and will serve you for decades when you maintain it properly. However, if you are not keen on proper care, it will deteriorate faster than it should, and you might have to replace it sooner. Here are some of the top four indicators that it might be the right time to replace your sewer line.

You Found the System in Place When You Bought the Home

Age is the first thing you should consider when determining whether it is time to repair the sewer line. If your home is a few decades old, the chances are that the sewer system is also old and deteriorating. This is because the wear and tear over a few decades often make the pipes more fragile and prone to damage like cracking and root infiltration. Therefore, instead of repairing every damaged part, you should consider replacing the old sewer line altogether.

When You Have Consistent Blockages

Constant blockages are the second indicator that you might have to replace your sewer line. The occasional blockage might result from someone flushing something they shouldn't down the sewer line. However, if the problem becomes persistent, it could mean that you have an issue with the main line. In such a case, you should get a professional to assess the damage in the line to determine the best replacement timeline. 

The Soil in Your Garden is Experiencing Changes

The state of the soil in your garden is another common telltale sign that you might have trouble with the sewer system. This is because the soil changes if there is excessive moisture in it. More so, this might also happen when chemicals from human waste come into contact with it. So, if you can locate a few damp spots in the yard, chances are a sewer line has various leakage points, and you should consider replacing it.

Your Water Bills are on an Upward Trend

Always pay attention to an unexplained increase in your water bills. In most cases, you will find that you are using the same amount of water to perform the same chores, but the bill keeps rising. In this case, it could mean a part of the sewer system is punctured, and you are losing a lot of water. A camera inspection can determine the location of the burst pipe and the best way to replace it.

The best way to determine whether you should replace your sewer lines is by getting a plumber to inspect the system. They will advise you on the ideal material for the replacement process to ensure a long-lasting installation.