It's Getting Watery In Here

2 Signs You Have A Problem Faucet Washer

Washers help control the flow of water when you turn a faucet on or off. However, these devices are not designed to last forever. 

Washers can break, move out of position, flatten down, or turn hard. If any of these things happen, then the washer can't work correctly. Once this part of a faucet breaks down, then the faucet also develops problems.

You will get some warning signs if a washer is starting to fail. These signs tell you that you might need to reseat the washer or replace it with a new one. What should you look out for here?

1. You Need More Effort to Use the Faucet

A fully-working faucet is easy to turn on and off. You don't need to close it too tightly. Its washer will create a closed seal at a certain point to close down the flow of water.

If you have a problem washer, then you might find it harder to turn the tap off to start with. If you have to overtighten the faucet to close it, then you might also notice that the faucet becomes harder to open after a while.

This problem is often down to a flattened, hard, broken, or moved washer. The faucet can't make the right connection with the washer if it isn't intact, isn't in the right place, or has lost some of its thickness.

Things will only get worse without a fix. You'll have to turn the faucet for longer to get a tight enough seal to stop its water flow.

2. Your Faucet Drips or Leaks

At some stage, a damaged or displaced washer won't be able to make an effective connection with the closing mechanism inside your faucet. No matter how hard you turn the faucet to shut it down, some water will still come out. You'll get to the stage when this happens even if the faucet is fully closed.

So, your faucet could drip or dribble constantly. In some cases, a faulty washer creates leaks that come out of other parts of the faucet. For example, you might see water coming out of the top of the faucet rather than its spout. This water will run down the outside of the faucet.

Even a small water leak wastes a lot of water over time. You might also damage your faucet if you have to overtighten it every time you use it. Contact a local plumber for plumbing assistance.