It's Getting Watery In Here

Top 4 Great Ideas To Create A Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Update your bathroom space to look and feel like a spa, and you can set the tone for relaxation whenever you use the bathroom. The results may not be quite the same as what you'd find at a professional spa facility, but it is well worth it, just to create a little haven of relaxation in your own home.

To help you get started, here are some amazing bathroom remodeling ideas that will transform your bathroom and add that touch of spa inspiration.

1. Go for Softer Colors

Color selection is an essential part of bathroom remodeling. To create that tranquil spa environment, go for soft colors. Stay away from bold colors and instead opt for muted color choices such as gray. Sky blue and other nature-inspired colors are also an excellent pick for creating this environment.

2. Declutter. Declutter. Declutter

There is nothing relaxing about a space that looks too busy, with so much everywhere. For your bathroom remodeling, you may want to add some storage to help with the decluttering. Install enough drawers and cabinets in your bathroom to hold all the items you keep in this space, right from the towels to the toiletries. You can also add shelves and mount hooks around the bathroom to hold more items.

3. Add Natural Elements

Think of all the natural elements you see at a commercial or professional spa. Now get some inspiration from that for your bathroom remodeling. You can add a touch of nature by going for wooden cabinets, as wooden accents are quite relaxing. Also, have some plants throughout your space to create some greenery. Similarly, some decorative stones on the walls and floor of your bathroom will give it that spa look and feel.

4. Change Up Your Bathtub

If the available space allows it, you may want to consider separating the shower and tub. You can go for a sunken bathtub similar to what you find in professional spas. The step-down bathtub looks and feels a lot like an outdoor swimming pool which feels so relaxing. Keep in mind that this particular design requires plenty of space and expertise, so be sure to consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor if this option is for you.

A Home Spa

You will no doubt still want to go to your favorite spa, even after your bathroom remodeling. That said, you can look forward to a relaxing, spa-inspired space every time you use the bathroom.