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3 Reasons To Get An Annual AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up is one of those home maintenance chores you can't put off. Getting lax with air conditioner maintenance could haunt you in the middle of summer if your AC breaks down. By keeping your equipment clean and in good repair, it lasts longer and has fewer problems. Here are three reasons it's important to have an AC tune-up every year.

1. The Condenser Spends The Winter Outdoors

A condenser is tough. It can tolerate being outdoors in all kinds of weather, but when it sits outside in the winter and is idle, it can draw the interest of mice and other pests. A condenser makes a good nesting place that provides some shelter. Unfortunately, if mice get in the condenser, they may gnaw on the wiring and cause other destruction.

Also, strong winter winds can blow debris into the condenser and get it, the coil, and other parts dirty. The condenser might even collect old grass clippings and twigs. When you get an AC tune-up, the technician cleans the condenser out if needed, straightens any bent fins, and checks the wiring and other parts for damages so the damages can be repaired before you need to use your AC every day to stay comfortable.

2. Refrigerant Could Be Leaking Without Your Knowledge

Refrigerant isn't supposed to leak out of your AC, but sometimes pinholes develop or other damages occur to the coils or copper lines. Since a leak can be slow, you may not realize your AC has a problem until the refrigerant gets so low that your house won't cool.

The AC tune-up technician measures the amount of refrigerant to make sure it is still full. If some has leaked out, the leak needs to be found and plugged so that new refrigerant can be added. Having the proper amount of refrigerant ensures your AC can cool down your house properly without driving up your power bill.

3. Your Warranty Might Require An Annual Tune-Up

If you need to replace an expensive part, such as the compressor or a refrigerant coil, you'll probably want your warranty to help pay for it. You might need to show proof your AC was serviced by a licensed professional so your warranty will be valid.

Annual servicing by a professional AC technician is proof that you take good care of your equipment and didn't let the compressor or other parts go bad due to neglect. You'll appreciate having a warranty that helps you out if you ever need to have expensive repairs done that are covered under your policy.

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