It's Getting Watery In Here

Faucet Repair Tips

Your faucet gives you the ability to turn on clean, fresh water at the turn of a handle. With time though, your faucet can wear out and you may be seeing your fresh, clean water running out of the handle or dripping out of the faucet head when it's turned off, or you may see water coming out of other areas where it shouldn't as well. If you have a leak, it's something you need to have repaired right away to prevent further issues, such as the eroding away of your faucet altogether and the need to replace your entire faucet. Read on for some faucet repair tips to help ensure your faucet is in proper working order.

Find The Leak

When you turn on the water, it may be difficult to find where the leak is coming from and may take you a bit to see exactly where it's coming out of. The leak may be running down to other parts of the faucet, which may make it difficult to see exactly where it's leaking from. It may take you a minute or two to determine exactly where the leak is located, but to ensure you repair it correctly, you need to do some inspecting. Take your time in finding where the leak is located, as you may have more than one.

Take Apart Your Faucet

The cost to repair a minor part in your faucet is far cheaper than replacing the faucet altogether. Take apart the faucet if you have found the leak to be in the handle or in the swivel in the head of the faucet. Take apart the handles or the faucet head and look for a broken or worn-out rubber washer, or there could be something cracked inside. Whatever the piece is that is broken, you should be able to find it at your local hardware store. Take the broken piece with you and have it replaced. Replace the broken piece in your faucet, and if you have a double handle faucet, check to be sure the other side isn't worn out as well while you have it taken apart.

If you have a leak in your faucet, whether it's the handle or the spout, it's something that you may be able to repair yourself. If your faucet is completely worn out and the water has eroded your faucet, you may need to replace it altogether. If you are not comfortable repairing or replacing your faucet yourself, hire a professional plumber to help you with these tasks.

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