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Options To Enhance Your HVAC Performance

Enhancing the HVAC system that your home uses can be an investment that will improve your comfort as well as potentially improve the value of the home. While homeowners may not have put much thought into the types of HVAC improvements and upgrades that they can make, there are a few that can be especially budget-friendly and quick to complete.

Addressing Weak Airflow From The Vents

Weak airflow can be a problem that will reduce the performance of the HVAC system as it will prevent the heated or cooled air from being circulated inside the home. Upgrading the blower for the unit is one option that can address this as it will allow you to install a stronger blower that may be better suited to your home's size and design. Additionally, there are small duct boosters that can be used to increase the airspeed through the ducting, and these can be useful for larger homes that may have rooms that are far from the HVAC unit.

Cleaning The Ducting To Remove Mold And Dust

The ducting for the HVAC unit will benefit from being periodically cleaned. Ducting cleaning can eliminate the dust, mildew, and even mold that may have started to grow inside the ducting. Without this type of work being done to the home, the interior air quality for the home may start to decrease. Fortunately, having the ducting cleaned can be a simple type of work to have done to the home that may only require a day or two. The exact amount of time and disruption that can be expected will largely be determined by the amount of ducting and the complexity of the paths that it takes. Luckily, this is an HVAC service that you are likely to only need once every few years, and making it a point to be diligent with replacing the air filters can further reduce the frequency that you will need to have the ducting cleaned.

Adjusting The Positioning Of The Thermostat

The location of the thermostat for the HVAC unit may not be a factor that gets much attention from homeowners, but it is a major contributing factor to the overall performance of the system. If the thermostat is positioned in an area that has poor airflow or sources of heat, it can negatively impact your ability to regulate the interior temperature. Ideally, the thermostat should be located in a central area that will be a good representation of the home's interior temperature.

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