It's Getting Watery In Here

3 Signs You're Facing A Major Sewer Repair

Sewer repairs rank high on the list of home repairs that can put a severe dent in your household budget. Unfortunately, ignoring sewer issues is rarely an option. Allowing sewer problems to go unaddressed can lead to contaminated water entering your home or property. In many cases, you may even create more expensive repairs for the future.

Of course, it's no fun potentially spending large amounts of money unnecessarily, so most homeowners want to be sure that they need an extensive repair. While there's no substitute for a thorough diagnosis by an experienced plumber, these three signs may indicate that you're facing a substantial problem with the plumbing beneath your home.

1. Frequent Sewer Cleanings

Clogs are a normal part of life with any structure, and flushing inappropriate items down your drains can often lead to reoccurring problems. However, you generally shouldn't require sewer cleanings too often. If you find that you need to keep calling in plumbers to deal with clogs in your drains, you may have a blockage, root intrusion, or even a collapsed area in your home's sewer line.

In many cases, restoring flow to a sewer line does not necessarily mean that you've resolved the problem. A sewer cleaning may partially remove a clog or clear the immediate obstruction without addressing the underlying issue. In these cases, the only way to prevent the clog from reoccurring is to repair the affected portion of the sewer line.

2. Sewer Leakage

An obstruction in a sewer pipe in relatively good repair will usually force sewer water back into the home. Since the waste exiting your house has nowhere else to go, it returns to the source. However, not every sewer problem will create an obstruction. Leaks or damage to a pipe can cause wastewater to exit the sewer line instead of returning to your house.

When leaks such as these occur, you'll usually smell sewage on your property or even notice wet spots on your lawn. Never ignore these signs since they can indicate a severe issue that may require extensive clean-up and repair. If you can see or smell sewage on your property, always contact a plumber as soon as possible.

3. Bubbling and Sewage Odors

A problem with your sewer line won't always cause water to back up into your home. You may have a partial obstruction or collapse that limits water flow without stopping it entirely. You may notice seemingly minor symptoms that represent a much deeper problem when this happens. These symptoms typically include bubbling when flushing toilets and using drains or noticeable sewer odors.

While these symptoms don't always mean that a costly sewer repair is in your future, you shouldn't ignore them. When you spot these potential warning signs, contact a plumber as soon as you can so you can address the issue before it turns into a more complex and even costlier sewer repair.

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