It's Getting Watery In Here

3 Signs That You May Be In Need Of A Water Line Repair

While plumbing problems are often quite obvious, determining the cause of these problems can often be a bit more difficult. Consequently, it is not uncommon for individuals to try and tackle rather serious plumbing problems with basic at-home tactics, such as the use of a plunger or clog removing chemicals. The problem with this is that putting off the need for major repairs, such as water line repair, can actually cause the damage to spread and ultimately result in even more invasive repairs. That is why it is so important that you are able to spot the signs of a damaged water line. Continue reading to learn more about these warning signs so that you can act quickly in the event that you require water line repair.

Warning Sign #1: You Are Experiencing Reduced Water Pressure

If there is a crack or leak in the main water line coming into your home, you will likely experience a noticeable decrease in your water pressure. In most cases, this issue will be noticeable in all areas of your home rather than at a single faucet. If you are experiencing a decrease in water pressure in just one room of your home, chances are this issue is due to mineral deposits on your faucet rather than an issue with your water line.

Warning Sign #2: Your Faucets Are Spitting When Turned On

Another common issue when dealing with damage to your main water line is faucets that spit or sputter when you turn them on. In some cases, this issue will seem to resolve itself after a few minutes as the pressure inside your water line builds up. However, a temporary correction of this issue should not prevent you from contacting a plumber. Failure to make this call and have your water line repaired can result in far more serious issues in the near future.

Warning Sign #3: You Have Seen A Dramatic Increase In Your Water Bill

If your main water line is damaged, it will typically leak even when you are not actively using water inside your home. Even a very small leak can lead to a dramatic increase in your water bill. Consequently, if you notice a sharp increase from one month to the next, you may be in need of a water line repair.

A Final Thought

If you have experienced any of the issues described above, it is important to contact a plumber to evaluate the issue as soon as possible. This will help you to avoid additional plumbing problems as well as save you money on your water bill.