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Do Not Miss These Plumbing Issues That Might Exist In An Older Home

If you have been searching for an older home to purchase, you have likely learned that there are plenty of beautiful properties. However, some properties may have a variety of repair issues that are not obvious. This is why buyers need to be aware when purchasing older homes. Inspections are one way to identify costly repair issues. There are some real estate transactions that do not require inspections to be completed by the seller. Buyers can pay to have their own full or partial inspections.

Plumbing systems may have a variety of hidden issues. If you plan to forgo getting a full house inspection, it is worth your time to invest in plumber services and get a plumbing inspection. The following points identify a few issues that might be discovered.

Outdated Pipe Materials

Depending on the age of an older home, it is possible that there are outdated pipes in it. There are a number of materials that are no longer used for plumbing due to safety risks that were unknown in the past. Lead pipes are a common example of a pipe material that was favored in the past for its durability. However, now the known health risks that exposure to lead poses has resulted in it being discontinued as a pipes material. Galvanized pipes are coated with zinc and do not pose a health risk. However, the material is prone to corrosion. This can lead to the zinc flaking off within pipes and causing clogs. Another risk is severe corrosion that leads to pipe leaks. The taste of water might also be negatively impacted by the deposits from the piping. If you decide to purchase a home that has pipe issues, you should consider the benefits of seeking plumbing services that include re-piping.

Pipe Bellies

This phenomenon happens beneath the surface and can easily be missed if you rely on a visual inspection or simply running the water in a home. Pipe bellies can happen when the underlying soil shifts and causes the initial pipe installation to gradually get out of alignment. Sediment and debris can get trapped within the belly formations and cause plumbing issues such as drainage problems and clogs. A plumber can use sewer line inspection plumbing services to peer deep within plumbing systems. This will allow them to locate pipe bellies. They can initiate safe and efficient repairs that may not require digging. A plumber is a good resource to use to determine other features of a plumbing system in an older home that might need upgrades or repairs.