It's Getting Watery In Here

3 Signs That A New Hot Water Tank Installation Is Needed

If you experience water heater problems, it is usually more than an inconvenience. Problems that persist with a water heater can bring about panic. It might also cause bickering among household members if the suspected issues appear to be related to usage. There are a number of things that can cause a water heater to underperform. Troubleshooting performance issues is something that most homeowners are not equipped to do. This is why it is sensible to contact a plumber to inspect water heater issues. The following points represent issues that might warrant getting a new hot water tank installation.


The water heaters in homes are not much different than other appliances when it comes to signs of needing to get replaced. As a water heater ages, its performance will usually decline. This might mean frequent repairs. Ignoring a water heater that shows signs that it is reaching the end of its lifecycle will likely mean that one day it will stop working altogether. This is an inconvenience that can disrupt day-to-day activities. Plumbers can inspect water heaters and give homeowners an estimated time when replacing their hot water tanks should be expected. 

Frequently Running Out of Hot Water

Sometimes this is a phenomenon that is not related to a faulty hot water tank. Households may run out of hot water frequently when the hot water tank installed is too small to meet the demands of the household's needs. This can occur if new members move into a home. It might also occur when there are multiple activities going on simultaneously that require hot water. For example, someone taking a shower, a load of clothes getting washed on the hot cycle, and a dishwasher running at the same time could mean a quick depletion of hot water.

High Water Bills

A spike in a water bill could be indicative of a water leak or issues with a water heater. The first thing that a homeowner should check is their water bill to ensure that a rate change has not occurred. If it has not and there have not been any drastic changes in water usage, the issue is likely related to a plumbing problem. A plumbing inspection can determine if the issue is related to a water heater. 

A plumber is the best resource to use for hot water tank installations and repairs. They will know how to safely remove and dispose of old water heaters. They can also perform preventative services such as annual water heater flushing. Contact a local plumber if you need help with a hot water tank installation.