It's Getting Watery In Here

When To Replace Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are needed to prevent basement flooding, but they can only last for so long. After years of pumping water from your basement, your sump pump will break down, and it will need a replacement. Here are signs you need to call a plumber to replace your sump pump. 

Old Age

How long have you had your sump pump? On average, a sump pump can last seven to ten years. If your sump pump is over seven years old, consider buying a replacement. After about seven years of service life, sump pumps begin to break down often and require costly repairs to keep them running. You will soon realize that it is cheaper and less strenuous to replace a sump pump than to repair it.

Extended Period of Inactivity 

Sump pumps are like car batteries, and you have to use them regularly to preserve their shelf life. If your basement has not flooded in a long time, think of another way to use or test your sump pump. The longer the period of inactivity, the higher the chances of sump pump failure. Therefore, ensure that you or your plumber test your sump pump occasionally to avoid failure when you need it. If it fails, you will have to replace it. 

Inaccurate Size 

Before you install a sump pump, ensure you consult a plumbing professional. Ask a plumber to inspect your basement and determine the appropriate size sump pump for your home. If you choose a smaller sump pump, it will work harder to keep up with the water coming in. The harder a sump pump works, the faster it wears out. Therefore, if your sump pump is the wrong size, it is time to consult a plumber and replace it with an appropriate sump pump.

Strange Noises 

Sump pumps are expected to make some noise when working, but they should be consistent. If your pump begins to make grinding, gurgling, thudding, or rattling sounds, there is an issue with your motor. If the issue is identified early, you can repair or replace the motor without needing sump pump replacement. However, if it is too late, you will have to replace your sump pump. 

Trouble Turning It on and Off 

If you are struggling to turn on and off your sump pump, it could be that you have a float switch or power issues. Have an experienced plumber inspect your sump pump and identify the problem. In some cases, the remedy for such issues is sump pump replacement. However, you won't know unless you consult a plumbing expert.