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Understanding The Basics Of Your Home's Sewer Line Cleanout

When you buy a home, it's important to take time to locate all of the emergency mechanisms that you may need to use if there's a problem. This means locating the main breaker switch for the power, your water shut-off valves, and your sewer drain cleanout pipes. While most homeowners think to locate the breaker switch and the water shut-off valves, many overlook the sewer drain cleanout pipes. Here's a look at some of the things you need to know about sewer drain cleanouts, their importance for your home, and how to identify them.

What Is A Sewer Drain Cleanout?

Sewer drain cleanouts are pipes attached to your main sewer drain line that extend up to ground level for easy access to that sewer drain pipe. With sewer drain cleanouts, your plumber can clear clogs and address problems without having to dig up your yard or access it from inside your house. You'll usually find your sewer drain cleanout pipes located somewhere along the perimeter of the house near the foundation.

What Does A Sewer Drain Cleanout Look Like?

Understanding what the sewer drain cleanout is may be important, but that knowledge doesn't help you unless you also know what it looks like so that you can identify it. The truth is that, if it's needed and you can't find it, your plumber can locate it for you. However, if you're the handy sort and you want to try to clear a clog on your own, knowing where it is will prove beneficial.

You'll know your sewer drain cleanouts when you see small-diameter PVC pipes sticking up above ground level with a cap on the top. The cap usually has a nut-type cap that requires a tool to remove the cap from the pipe, which keeps the pipe properly sealed.

Why Does Your Home Need A Sewer Drain Cleanout?

You might wonder why a sewer drain cleanout is so important. In fact, there are a number of reasons why your home can benefit from having drain cleanouts or having them installed if you don't have any.

Having sewer drain cleanouts makes it quicker and easier to clean and maintain your home's main sewer drain pipe. When plumbers can access the drain pipes quickly and easily, it saves you significantly in costs associated with those repairs. Additionally, those drain cleanouts make the cleaning process more effective because hydro jetting and drain snakes can easily access the entire pipe system.

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