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How A Video Pipe Inspection Helps You Maintain The Plumbing In Your Building

If you have reason to be concerned about your building's plumbing because it's old or you have frequent problems with clogs, then you may want to talk to a plumber about having a video pipe inspection done. It could be worth the cost to find out if the plumbing is in bad shape so that you can have work done before you have problems with a major leak that causes water damage. Here's why a video pipe inspection is useful and how it's done.

Why A Video Pipe Inspection Is Useful

You probably can't see very many pipes on your property. They're usually put under the ground, buried under slabs, or hidden behind walls. Because of this, you can't tell the condition of the pipe. Even if you can see a pipe, you can't always judge how it looks on the inside by looking at the outside. The inside of the pipe is kept wet and is more subject to corrosion and scale buildup. A pipe camera allows you and the plumber to see inside of your plumbing pipes. This can be done without the need to open a wall or tear up a floor just to check on a pipe.

A pipe camera provides video of the inside of the pipe and emits a signal that allows the plumber to pinpoint the location of problems that are out of sight. If a pipe has to be dug up for repairs, the plumber knows right where to work so disruption of your normal operations is kept to a minimum.

How A Video Pipe Inspection Is Done

A pipe camera is on the end of a long rod that's unrolled and passed into a plumbing pipe or drain. The plumber can check water pipes as well as drains and the sewer drain. The camera sends back video that's displayed on a screen that can be saved for later reference. The video might show clogs of tree roots in the sewer, scale and grease on the inside of drains, or corrosion in pipes. Knowing this information helps you decide if you should repipe your building before you have a major leak and it also helps the plumber decide on the right way to clean out drains when you have a problem with buildup or roots.

If clogs and roots are found in the sewer drain, your plumber might do another video inspection after the drain has been cleaned to show you the difference and to verify the snaking or hydro jetting was effective. Video inspections can be useful in helping you maintain the plumbing in your building, and by knowing the condition of the pipes, you might be able to prevent a leak emergency that causes destruction to your inventory or building.

For more information on video pipe inspections, contact a plumber.